To the last detail

A text with spelling or grammatical errors is one of the biggest turn-offs for potential clients. According to the BBC, entrepreneurs miss out on millions a year because of poorly translated and written texts, as customers question the reliability of companies that have errors in their online texts. You can prevent this issue by having your texts proofread at The Right Translator. Our proofreaders check your text for issues with grammar, spelling and style errors and other issues that can make your text look unprofessional. The course of this process is simple; You will be appointed an account manager who will arrange everything for you. They choose the best proofreader for your project and ensure that you get your original document and the proposed improvements back in your chosen time frame. This way, you no longer have to worry about it, and you can be sure that you have a text that will not cause you to lose customers due to sloppy translations or spelling mistakes.

Native Speakers

Every translation is done by a specialist who is a native speaker of the target language.


We assign a specialised translator and proofreader to ensure high-quality translations.


Your translation is localised at your request, so your texts are fitting and catchy in any language.

Quality as a goal

It’s important to The Right Translator that all our translations are of the highest quality. That’s why all the documents that our specialists translate are always carefully checked by a proofreader. The proofreader, like the translator, is a specialist in the field of the translation and is a native speaker of the target language. The document is carefully checked for errors and inconsistencies so that we can always guarantee the translation is of the highest quality.

Legal translations

The Right Translator is also the right place to have your legal translations proofread. If you have your document translated by us, the document will be reviewed by a second author so you don’t have to worry about it. If you have had your document translated by someone else, or if you have a document in the original language that you want to be checked by one of our proofreaders, you can. In that case, you get an account manager who arranges everything for you, and you are assured of a document without errors.

CAT-tools and translation memories

Our proofreaders and translators use the latest technology for all translations. By using specialist translation software (CAT tools), our teams always maintain an overview even in large documents. In addition, the software also ensures consistent terminology: in this way we guarantee that large documents are also coherent and the quality remains high quality.

In addition to consistent terminology, CAT tools also ensure that we can use translation memories. Previously translated texts are securely stored there for use in subsequent translations. In other words, if you provide a document that closely resembles a previous translation, you can expect a substantial discount for identical texts

We are happy to help you with your translations

We help people and companies to optimise their international potential on a daily basis. Are you unsure of the quality of a translated document and would you like a proofreader to take a look at it? We would be happy to assess and meet your needs and help you find the right solution for your project. Interested? Request a free quote or contact us at One of our employees will gladly help you!