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The academic world; where quality matters

The academic world is one of the most international environments you can participate in these days. New EU legislation makes it easier for European students to study abroad and almost all leading publications are written in English. If you want to publish internationally, you can’t avoid doing this in a language other than your own.

Many national and international universities offer courses in English and it is also important that papers, essays and research publications are offered in clear and grammatically correct English. At The Right Translator, we understand that all too well, which is why we specialize in the translation of academic documents. Whether it concerns your thesis or a study that you would like to have translated into another language, at The Right Translator we have professional studying and graduated translators who are specialized in your field.

By connecting your project to a professional in your field, you are assured that your project will be translated correctly and clearly. No wrong use of professional jargon, no style errors and no problems with the bibliography – which we can also use in a different style depending on what you need the project for.


Academic use of language is an art in itself. Our translators not only understand your source material but also the target group. They will always provide an accurate translation that preserves your writing style.


Consistent use of vocabulary is even more important in academic documents than normal. Our translators use specialised software to ensure that all professional language is consistently translated.


We´re also the right choice for sensitive documents – all your documentation will be treated confidentially according to the guidelines of the GDPR.

Academic documentation

Since “academic” is a broad concept, some of the common academic documentation that we translate are listed below:

  • Scientific articles
  • Papers
  • Dissertations
  • research reports
  • Posters
  • Scientific publications
  • Abstracts

Of course, this list isn’t complete; do you have a different type of document? Send an email to and we will respond immediately.

Sometimes you only need a small part of your document translated – for example, a conclusion or an abstract. We will gladly help you with that as well.

CAT-tools and translation memories

For all translations, including academic translations, our translators use the newest technology. By using specialist translation software (CAT tools), our teams always maintain an overview even in large academic documents. In addition, the software also ensures consistent terminology: you can even provide your own terminology list so that you can be even more certain that the jargon isn’t gibberish.

In addition to consistent terminology, CAT tools also ensure that we can use translation memories. Previously translated texts are securely stored there for use in subsequent translations. In other words, if you provide an academic document that closely resembles a previous translation, you can expect a substantial discount for identical texts. For a more comprehensive overview of our process, click here.

We will gladly help you with your academic translations.

We help academics and other science enthusiasts to optimise their international potential on a daily basis. We would love to assess and meet your needs and help you find the right solution for your project. Interested? Request a free quote or contact us at One of our employees will gladly help you!