Copywriting: the key to effective content

Copywriting – how hard can it be? You publish a piece of text and your online platform floods with visitors. Right? After a lot of writing, rewriting, deleting and head-scratching, your text is ready, but once published, the effect is still a bit disappointing … Copywriting is first and foremost about the power of words. Every sentence has to hit the mark, because you don’t get much time to captivate and convince online. If you do strike the right tone, you will make a lasting impression and visitors will come back to your platform next time – exactly what you want. But how? Who is your target audience? And what do they – or don’t they – want? If you know that, then you can write specifically to their wants, requirements or needs. And another thing: SEO. Ah, your best friend and your biggest challenge. You want Google to find you so that your customers can find you. But you also want your text to read pleasantly and come across as natural. So you need to think not only about keywords, authority and lead generation, but also about readability and flow. Help! Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all yourself. At De Juiste Vertaler, we do more than just translate – we also offer copywriting for all kinds of different fields, from product texts for electronics and promotional texts for a cool holiday resort to strong CTA and microcopy for an original 404 message: we’ll take care of it. Since copywriting is so broad, we have listed the most common forms for you. So look below for the kind of copywriting you are looking for and click through to that page. You can also contact us right away – we’re here for you!